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Read Quran with tajweed Online Qari
How to Approach the Quran:

1.     Make sure you are physically clean. I suggest you take a full bath with the intention that you are coming to a Holy Scripture.

2.     Be pure in thought. Remove any thoughts you may have about the day’s Muslims, the day’s politics, these have absolutely nothing to do with this Book. In other words, be objective.

3.     Sit in a quiet place, and be decently dressed, perhaps a scarf on your head if you are a woman, out of respect. If you don’t have one lying around, don’t bother. This is not a read for a lazy afternoon, the time you spend with this Book is quality time with your Lord.
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4.      Every time you open the book, before you start reading, say:

'I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the Accursed.'

 That way God will protect you from all evil whisperings and interruptions. A mistake people who are not familiar with Quran make is that they don’t know how to protect themselves from Satan’s influence and many times fall victim to his negative powers. To avoid that, seek protection from God. Then read:

 'In the Name of God the  Beneficent the Merciful.' 

5.      As you read, ponder and reflect on the words. This is a message for the living. Stay alive by being alert. Remember God is speaking to YOU. The important person who is being talked to is YOU. There is none between you and the One Who made you. Be happy. Show gratitude. Use your brain. Exercise common sense, and don’t let anyone else’s misinterpretations come between you and your Lord.

 6.       Make a point to read only as much is easy for you at a time. And at the end of every reading, don't underestimate the power of Prayer. Pray for Guidance. It doesn't cost you anything. And you can do it in your heart in your own tongue directly to the One who made you.

 7.      Handle this Book with care. Find a decent place for it. The way you handle this Book, this Honorable guest in your home, must be different from the manner you handle your novels and magazines. This is not a lazy read. This Author is far more intelligent than any other author you have come across so you can't afford to be lazy or shallow. Think. Apply your intelligence. And be prepared for a stimulating discourse.

 8.       Learn Arabic, this is an Arabic Quran. Whatever translations you are reading are only a rendering of the meaning. So, if you truly are in dire need of conversing with your Maker through the Quran, learn Arabic.

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You must learn holy Quran from the best Quran tutor. But with less time in your hand it becomes impossible as well to attain the classes. Online Quran learning will help you to learn Quran from the comfort of your own home. We offer some of the best software, which makes the online Quran lesson very interactive.

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Essential Equipments
  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. DSL/Broadband Connection
  3. Headphone/Speakers
  4. Microphone
  5. For visual contact you will need to have net-meeting software and for audio contact telephony software.

You may download these software from internet free of cost.

Our engineering team will assist you in this regard.

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